We all need to pay closer attention. There is more to every story we hear, read or see on the news. Very little can be explained in just a 30 second clip on the evening news. And when things are as up in the air as they seem to be these days, we need to dig a little deeper.

Finding the truth, and connecting the dots is a way of life now and I hope to share stories and articles that will help make thinking deeper a little less work. I hope it will encourage others to speak out about the common sense that should prevail.

This page is also inspired by all the women and just as many men who are accused of being unqualified to have an opinion on the legal, social, political, business and environmental issues we face and are a part of. Some of their perspectives will become a big part of this page as well. Those who fight the hardest and the longest, don’t always win, but they certainly put their lives into it, and leave a dent along the way.