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See no evil. Hear no evil. Speak no evil.

The origins of this proverb go back to ancient China, and it is believed it meant we are not to dwell on evil thoughts. In more modern times in the Western world, it has taken on new meanings. It is … Continue reading

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The Broken Glass Voter Movement

The province of Nova Scotia has suffered a great deal of betrayal by politicians over the years. It isn’t always because we have been conned by dishonest candidates. And it isn’t because they are all incompetent. Some of them are … Continue reading

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Fact or Fishin’ – Every Herring for Himself

Cape Sharp Tidal is a partnership formed between NS Power’s parent company, Emera Inc and OpenHydro. Their aim is to demonstrate they can “successfully grid-connect in-stream turbine arrays that produce energy silently, invisibly and without environmental harm.” Flashback to early … Continue reading

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