A little more than a week ago, I had written a statement or account of my meeting with a local PC candidate in the upcoming election. It was an experience that gave me immense anxiety and caused me to reach out, speak out and act out. After being ignored in my efforts to raise awareness of this issue with the leader of the party, I wrote about this meeting. The candidate had made some very disparaging remarks about First Nations people here and across Canada. I told the truth because I had to.

I reached out, and I know others did as well, before and after the story was released, regarding my experience. This week, more messages were sent to the party leader. To date, none, from anyone who contacted him or the party, have received a response of any kind. The leader of this candidate’s party has chosen to remain mute. I told the truth. Those who could have made a difference in this festering and troubling issue, chose to put their own agendas before the moral obligation we all have to each other. And the leader and party are moving forward as if the issue did not exist. An incredibly kind and moral man who tells stories for those who need their voices heard most was threatened and his inability to financially endure the legal threat was “mistaken” for a retraction by party supporters. It was not a retraction.

If there is no response, does this mean the leader is in agreement with the candidate? Is he avoiding it so he doesn’t need to deal with it? No one ever spoke to me so they cannot presume to be in disagreement with me. No investigation was initiated. That is troubling.

Why is the leader of this candidate’s party not taking action on this issue? How does this speak to his intentions in dealing with difficult and inconvenient issues in the future?


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3 Responses to Truth

  1. David Ladouceur says:

    White privilege at the highest levels within government need to be challenged and I thank you for doing so.Lets hope that the swing to the right (wrong)is over and intelligence prevails

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  2. Joanne Light says:

    Did we expect anything better from these self-serving cretans?

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  3. Angela says:

    Thank you for speaking out!

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