And yet she persisted.

A number of months ago, I posted about my good friend, Lisa, and her family. Their situation was critical.


They had been without a doctor for years. Her boys are great kids with specific needs and she had had a medical history that dictated follow ups were necessary. With no doctor and so many serious concerns that needed a physicians attention, we started rallying for Lisa and her boys. Urgently!

Lisa has been advocating for healthcare in Cape Breton, never really making it about her, but rather always about healthcare for everyone. Here is a good news, bad news update, that speaks to an all too common theme for many, many Nova Scotians:

I keep being asked why I continue to fight for healthcare. I was actually told by someone at our health ministers office “We got you a doctor, what do you want?”

Here is what I want. I want every man woman and child to have access to primary care, continuity of care. I want them to be able to make an appointment with someone who is familiar with their medical history, someone who knows their meds and concerns. I want everyone to have access to someone who can refer them to a specialist, and to get in with that specialist before it is too late.

I fought for well over a year for a doctor, as a mom with two children with unique medical needs. We simply can’t not have primary care. I fought for my children. I didn’t realize I was fighting for myself. Finally in August I received a phone call. The phone calls and emails and letter writing by myself and some special friends had paid off. We had a doctor. Thank God! My kids could get their prescriptions and referrals to the specialists they need.

We celebrated! (not something we should have to celebrate)

I finally got a referral to a gyno for some nagging issues I have been having. Still I fought, because I want this relief for every Nova Scotian. I got my diagnosis this week, CIN 111, aka stage zero cancer. I’m booked for a full hysterectomy later this month.

I am 34.

Thank God it was caught so early, I will be fine. Thank God a doctor took me on when they did, who knows how far along it would be if they hadn’t.

Why is our system like this? Why are we fighting for services? Why do we not have access to primary care? Why is our premier still ignoring this emergency?? Why are people dying in hallways, getting diagnosed with no time for treatment or even time to say goodbye?

Tonight I am hugging my kids and thanking God that this worked out for me and praying for those it didn’t.

Lisa Bond

PS – Get a pap test, you are never too young

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