Don’t vote for the Liberals and they will get even…..

Thanks to Lisa for giving us more honesty to think about when we consider which Premier we should or should not elect next time….

– from Lisa Bond
Monday, June 25th, 2018, is a day that will stick in my brain forever. I was awakened with a phone call, CBC radio wanting my reaction to the Northside General and New Waterford hospital closures.

I was in a state of shock, it couldn’t possibly be true! After all, I had been reassured by one of Randy Delorey’s lackeys that there were no plans at all to close my hospital at the beginning of May, only last month! It was implied that I was crazy to even think it!

I attended the announcement, the one that the public had roughly 3 hours notice about. First, we heard from Derek Momberquette and Geoff McLennan, Cape Breton’s only Liberal MLAs. Ironically enough, their ridings are not losing their hospitals. (Shouldn’t be quite so transparent in your punishments McNeil… We might talk like hicks but we are not stupid).

Next up was Janet Knox , CEO of the NSHA, salary of $340,000+, trying to convince us that closing hospitals is a good idea.

Next was a surgeon, very nice guy, feel kind of bad for him that he was roped into this mess.

Then we had the honour of listening to McNeil spout his lies, all while ignoring the questions of the crowd. Annoying little questions like, Who will have access to the collaborative care clinics that have been promised? When will they be built? Why were we lied to?

At one point he mentioned how important communication is. At that point I passed him a stack of emails that I have sent him without receiving a response. After his speech they all left out a side door. Randy Delorey was there, he chose not to speak even though he is the Health Minister.

Photo Cape Breton Post

Two communities in Cape Breton are losing their hospitals. People will die from this. Roughly three weeks ago a woman died on her way to Sydney, after being turned away from Northside General because it was closed. People will die because they don’t have the transportation, because they can’t afford an ambulance. Their blood will be on the hands of the NSHA and the Liberal Government. We are living under a dictatorship. Please, Mainland NS, next election, please help get rid of this sorry excuse of a premier. I don’t know how many of us will be left by the time the next election rolls around. We have lost many schools. We are losing 2 large hospitals. We are being punished for not voting with the majority. God help us, I don’t know what he will take next.

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