What’s good for the goose…

I am watching the TV off and on, with my hand over my mouth since yesterday. Shock, horror, sadness, frustration. All of it mixed up in a scene that I saw unfold in the USA. Violence, kicking and punching, and yelling. Death, men with sticks, torches and riot gear. A car driven through a crowd with such speed and conviction that bodies flew, and then reversed to make a fast get away without regard for the devilish act that he had just executed. Keep Reading!

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Let’s. Not. Kid. Ourselves.

By Trish Keeping

Only days ago, I had a conversation with a young business man, who told me he is afraid for the life he sees ahead for his child. When I asked him what he meant by that, he went on to tell me what he fears and what he plans to do about it. He has done alright for himself financially, and works hard to provide for his family. Keep Reading!

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Ask them no questions (And you’ll never have to tell them no lies)…

The NS Liberal Government is re-writing legislation in their heads, and have their own glossary of terms. They are doing everything backwards, and with a touch of in-your-face antics. It is a mind boggling approach and is bound to have devastating consequences. And folks, it isn’t limited to one or two decisions or one or two departments. It is across the board.

So far, with a second term in government just begun, we have seen some truly bizarre and increasingly unacceptable roll-outs and realizations. Keep Reading!

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An apple a day (or the NS Liberal Government) keeps the doctors away

Depending on who you ask, there is or there isn’t a problem in Nova Scotia. The term health care would seem to be straight forward. And yet it is a complex and profoundly inspired area, and it needs to be tended to, continuously and courageously, by governments who instead continuously and consistently try to find ways to cut corners.

Keep Reading!

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A council of false hope and the constant curse of betraying our trust

Living here is not all it’s cracked up to be. And I am not being melodramatic. It just gets really tiring dealing with the backward and often 1950s mindsets all around me. And it is really hard to have to fight so much, for just a basic human right among other things. Things like compassion, respect, truth.

Keep reading

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Continuing the Cornwallis Conversation

As a descendant of European protestant settlers in Nova Scotia, who arrived here in June 1751, I have to say I have no recollection of spending  any great length of time on the history of the Founder of Halifax, Edward Cornwallis. I would have to say I have been shy to enter into a debate or discussion about him in particular, favouring the ideology of kindness and understanding to those affected, when the issue of his statue comes up.

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Picking Our Battles

by Trish Keeping

Although not new, the manifestation of pejorative comments and unbecoming behaviour of some people in our widely professed “friendly province”, seems to have reached a new height. Along with that, there has been a rising of many against the Oligarchy we call our government, and watching the behaviour of some of our government officials, makes it seem, as though we are being run by a kakistrocracy. It has become all too much for many to even care anymore, unless their day-to-day lives are affected. Keep Reading

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An island in turmoil

by Lisa Bond

Cape Breton is in a crisis situation.  We are a beautiful little island, a “rock in the sea”, with a population of around 100,000. We have a diverse and wonderful culture. We are also having some serious issues.


Saturday past I attended the funeral of a beautiful 13 year old girl who was murdered by words. It was the most heartbreaking service I have ever attended. She was the third child in our school district to die by suicide due to bullying in the last few months. Keep Reading

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Storytime in the forests

For centuries stories have been told filled with morals and lessons for children, that they would hopefully keep in their minds and relate to as they grew up. Many of these stories pertained directly to the natural world that sustains by cleaning the water under the soils, and in the lakes, cleans the air we breath and feeds us. Keep reading!

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The People vs. The Province of Nova Scotia (and all their corporate cronies)

Law suits and Supreme Court hearings abound in Nova Scotia, over everything from Treaty rights, to consultation, to water contamination and various other health and environmental concerns. And it is the people and the government who work for those people who are at odds with each other. The government has created several situations, where private citizens have suffered health and financial setbacks and where the public has no other recourse except to file legal action in order to just have their voices heard and fight for their human rights. It seems bizarre that the people have no say or influence over what impacts them directly in a so called democracy, but, as is proven repeatedly throughout history, they do not.  Keep reading!

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