Water, water everywhere, nor any drop to drink – Pipe Nightmares in Nova Scotia

I read the Rime of the Ancient Mariner many years ago in school, and we delved lightly into the innuendo and underlying message. I always remembered the albatross and the death ship, but only in these last years, did the reality of this message in its overwhelming and intense form, really hit home. All the water around us, the lakes and rivers, springs and streams, we think we are blessed, but how much of it is safe to drink?

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1-800 – Fix the Damn Fridge

“When you care deeply about someone or something, repairs are worth your investment of time, energy, effort, heart, and resources. Whether it is to repair a broken trust or a damaged relationship, take the initiative to make it right and make it better.” ― Susan C. Young
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When he get his way, he gets… angry?

Over the past year, and to be honest, in my case the feeling has existed for a bit longer, but especially over this past year, the Government of Nova Scotia has led like they dislike, or maybe even despise, every single one of us. And I know that may sound melodramatic, but all things considered… it’s not, really. The most obvious and most publicly discussed targets of the premier’s wrath were the very people he had lobbied for support prior to his election.
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It’s All About the Base

Over the past year, this province has experienced a disheartening and enlightening series of exposures to what has proven to be an underworld of sorts in our government and their management of healthcare, the environment, the education system, among many other things.

Based on what we saw and heard last year, and based on our experiences with this government across most portfolios, it should come as no surprise
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And yet she persisted.

A number of months ago, I posted about my good friend, Lisa, and her family. Their situation was critical.


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Anything We Can Fix, (He Thinks) He Can Fix It Better

I am asked why I support the teachers in the education reform debate. Actually, I was told I was stupid once, and uniformed, and once or twice, just plain old anti-Liberal. I have a good time with that one. I might be better described as anti-corruption, anti-bullying, anti-corporate capture, anti-a lot of things, but plain old anti-Liberal is not what I adhere to.

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Dear Government of Nova Scotia, your science and facts fail the sniff test

Nobel Prize Winner, Robert A. Millikan once said, “To distort the facts to conform to the opinions has become well-nigh irresistible.” These days, if government in Nova Scotia want people to believe their opinion, it is too tempting to leave out, or misrepresent or manipulate the facts, in order to create a layer of support. As a result, it is becoming impossible to believe anything they claim. Especially when they refer to facts. And science. Often in the same sentence.

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The Right Hand Hasn’t Met the Left Hand, But Then On the Other Hand…

Last month, I posted on Facebook, a very intriguing peek into the ineptness of the NS Government. Lenore Zann had gone to Public Accounts to stand in for a colleague and during the session, was the only MLA on hand to ask the Deputy Minister of Fisheries and Aquaculture any serious indepth questions about his views, concerns, and perspective on the plan to start dumping toxic mill waste water into the Northumberland Strait,
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Wonderful and an honour

How great it can be to be recognized and mentioned in the blogging circles.

This really is thrilling.


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Waiting – Oft Told Stories of the ER (et al)

My friend Cyndi has a problem.

She is in severe pain. She hurt her back a few weeks ago. She has a requisition for an MRI or CT scan to ascertain her injury so that with a diagnosis, appropriate treatment may be started.

She was getting nowhere with the assessments in our health care system, and out of utter desperation summoned help from family members to cover the costs ($900) to obtain an MRI from a private clinic. Almost immediately after she disclosed these facts on a Facebook post, the CT clinic called, they had an opening, would she like the appointment? Coincidence? I dunno, but the point of all this is yet to come….

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