Sticks and stones will break our bones, but name calling should never get you elected

Growing up, we were told not to call people names. It was a rule in life we learned right along with, don’t hit or steal, or lie or bully. Share. Be kind. Don’t stare. Simple little rules to live by that made you a nice person. We learn it from childhood. And when you call people names you don’t get to pretend to be doing it to be funny. You are trying to hurt or demean someone. So in turn, you don’t stand by and allow someone else to do it to you, or others either. Keep Reading!

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Trying to pull one over on me, regarding private healthcare and not-for-profit

I have been trying to free myself up a bit to come back to the Unified Health story since the day I wrote the last blog….

Much has happened or exposed itself, quickly in the days after my blog was posted. I heard from many folks, and received further details from members of the health care system in NS. Like many employees, people are shy about exposing their employers’ (NS Liberals) poor choices, but they did let me in on some really good information.
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Trying to pull one over on health care and make a profit in the meantime

Unified Health opened their doors in Nova Scotia a few weeks ago. They will have Nurse Practitioners on staff who for a $35/15 minute or $70/30 minute fee, triage patients and direct them to appropriate medical and other doctors for the care they require. This is the same service we get for free at a hospital, or doctor’s office. Canadians do not pay for health care, so this development is troubling to say the very least.
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A bike lane and a bus route walk into a bar….

IMG_2560-1_SouthPark_Maguire_forwebIt is a rough start to the morning, when you wake up and look out your window, and see traffic already at a stand still in front of your house. But what can easily make it just that much worse, is when you are a resident in Harrietsfield or Williamswood, and the traffic is in park mode because a new bike lane installation is in the works right through there. Yes. Keep Reading!

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Make like a tree and leave (the spray in the bottle), please?

birch  Does this look like a bunch of pests to you? Keep Reading!

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Modern Day Agent Orange?


It’s a really dirty word in many circles. We know that there are many conflicting reports on this herbicide, and some studies have been proven blatantly false, both for and against the product. But recently, during the first of several hundred lawsuits, it was revealed that Monsanto who produces glyphosate, and the EPA who approves its use in the USA, both lied in documentation that has been used the world over to approve and debate the links this chemical has to multiple health concerns.

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Porter’s Privateers: Politics and Power Plants

Every so often we have a day that will stay in our minds and hearts for a long time, perhaps forever. Last Saturday was such a day for me.

I met the Minas Passage in Nova Scotia for the first time, and then too some pretty great people. We talked, and we talked…. and we talked.

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Fact or Fishin’ – Part Two – Every lobster for themselves

You can read the original Fact or fishin’ article here.

Living in Nova Scotia can be downright bloody depressing at times. We have a beautiful province and loads of potential. People here are hard workers and entrepreneurs. Dreamers and doers. Survivors. We get beaten down by bad decisions and get up again and keep moving.
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Don’t vote for the Liberals and they will get even…..

Thanks to Lisa for giving us more honesty to think about when we consider which Premier we should or should not elect next time….

– from Lisa Bond
Monday, June 25th, 2018, is a day that will stick in my brain forever. I was awakened with a phone call, CBC radio wanting my reaction to the Northside General and New Waterford hospital closures.

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There will be #nopipe

On July 6, 2018, there will be a sight never seen before in Nova Scotia. There is promise that Pictou will be the centre of the broadest and most unique protest, spanning the land and the sea, bringing two factions of the provincial and local population together; those who live off the land, and those who live off the sea. And there will be people from across not only the province of Nova Scotia, but also Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick. There will be fishers, specifically from the lobster fisheries, both indigenous and non, environmental groups, local residents, supporters of all stripes, First Nations Chiefs and maybe even a politician or two. And all from across the three Maritime Provinces.
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